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Power to the people: is community energy the way forward?

By Sylvia Thompson – The Irish TimesTemplederry Wind Farm


Last month, as world leaders met in Paris at COP21, the United Nations climate-change summit, more than 100 Irish community groups, co-operatives, energy agencies and non-government organisations signed the Community Energy Proclamation.



Power Matching City – Hoogkerk 2015

A living lab Smart Grid demonstrationHoogkerk


Power-Matching City is the leading Dutch smart grid project. Started in 2007 as part of the EU-funded INTEGRAL program, the project developed, built and demonstrated an integrated Smart Grid solution in Hoogkerk (near the city of Groningen).




 Ecoult takes Australian UltraBattery® Technology into the European Grid of the Future

Media Release as of 31/01/2016Ecoult Logo

Sydney based company Ecoult is taking its energy storage products, powered by the UltraBattery, into Europe with an installation this month in Dublin (Tallaght Smart Grid) to integrate fast-response storage with the electricity grid.



Community Power – We are our Renewable Future

Communities call on Government to Support Community Owned Renewable Energy

Kate Ruddock – Friends of the Earth


100 community groups and co-operatives launch a Proclamation for Community Energy.  For the first time in Ireland this ‘Proclamation for Community Energy’ recognizes communities as active participants in the clean energy transition, and as the best way to unlock the renewable energy potential in Ireland.

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