Micro Electricity Generation Association (MEGA) together with help from MPOWER has won a “Grand Global Sustainability Awards 2021”

Micro Electricity Generation Association (MEGA MPOWER) have been selected because Micro Electricity Generation Association demonstrates excellence and the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and civic and social responsibility. As you may know, many other businesses and individuals were also nominated and, because of the high caliber of the nominated individuals and companies, the Selection Committee deliberated long hours and gave careful consideration to all nominees. Micro Electricity Generation Association and the other recipients stood out as leaders who exemplify ethical standards and behaviours and have incorporated sustainability into their leadership practices.

Individuals, teams, units, regions, and project organisations will be recognised and honoured for their remarkable achievements, commitment, and activities that have had a positive influence on sustainability through the GCPIT’s Global Sustainability Awards. The Global Sustainability Awards serve as an inspiration for inclusive transformative action, business excellence, and environmental management around the world, whether by helping to improve natural resource management, demonstrating new ways to combat climate change, or raising awareness of emerging sustainable challenges.

Global Sustainable Development Mission is on a mission to discover stories about SDG success demonstrating the commitment, creativity and partnership capacity of all stakeholders at different levels – from national governments to community actors, and from corporation that are working relentlessly to contribute their expertise and support to private sector organizations who are committed to social responsibility and sustainable partnerships – targeting one or more of the SDGs across all regions of the world.

Global Sustainability Awards 2021