About Us

MPower – The Story So Far


An Organisation that can manage and intelligently automate power-matching transactions on a local level anywhere is Smart M Power Co.

Established by MEGA to fill that Gap, it must (under the protection of the cluster) overcome local barriers to licensing SMPC’s in Ireland as a model to replicate elsewhere in power-matched generation systems. (This is not a slot amenable to large mature companies.)

In the export market all power-matching system propositions will include an arrangement to construct a local SMPC – the SMPC is designed to regulate and control Smart Micro Energy Clusters. (Local Multi-site Autoproducer Group).

MPower is very a specialised ESCO – the first SMPC.

Our vision of an SMPC is a high intelligence based company which facilitates Prosumers and communities to promote local clean energy generation for local consumption in real-time.

SMEC - Smart Grid Stability

The two main challenges facing the Electricity Industry are Climate Change and Security of Supply which will result in a shift from large centralized, largely imported fossil fuel based generators to small distributed, locally available renewable generators.

The EU has set a target for near-zero carbon electricity by 2050, but the volatile and intermittent energy is destabilizing the grid which cannot be sufficiently and economically addressed using conventional methods. The Micro Electricity Generation Association (MEGA) was formed in 2008 with a vision that eventual grid failure can only be avoided by increasing the active, automated and intelligent participation of the consumer. MEGA has since been driving this vision, resulting in the establishment of the first commercial Community Energy Utility, Smart M Power Co (trading as MPOWER) and a strategic partnership between MPOWER and South Dublin County Council (SDCC).

     The race is now on to achieve the first 5 MW Milestone of capacity within the coming years as part of the SDCC’s Model City drive. For this, MPOWER must bring on board €250,000.00 in Seed Capital.