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The™ system provides energy Community Grids with the technology that enables logical disturbance-neutrality. The system is owned and operated by the MPOWER CSO franchise.™ offers Community Grids local markets, each dedicated to a single Community Grid, in which Smart Contracts are traded. The Market Places and Smart Contracts are purpose-designed for disturbance-neutrality, meaning that the proper execution of Smart Contracts will result in a disturbance-neutral Community Grid.Producers sell smart energy contracts to consumers in Energy Market Places operated by the CSO.

Both producers and consumers sell smart flexibility contracts, what we call FaaS (Flexibility as a Service, MPOWER background IP), to the CSO, in Flexibility Market Places. Consumers who are also a producer and/or FaaS provider are called prosumers.  End-users are represented in™ by software Agents. The Agents interact with the Market Places through internet, and with production and flexible (FaaS) assets owned by the end-user, that we call Thingies, through a local network (LAN or HAN) on each site. MPOWER has developed one dedicated flexible unit, known as the Community Grid Stabiliser.™ Wins IEA-ISGAN 2019 Award

ISGAN 2019 Award Winners

Community Grids – Smart Virtual Microgrids

Smart M Power Company Ltd. Ireland

(Partner Organization) South Dublin County Council SDCC, Micro Electricity Generation Association MEGA

www.tallaghtsmartgrid.comISGAN Logo

The Community Grid project provides a solution to maximise production from renewable energy sources hosted by communities.  A Community Grid is a local Smart-Grid virtual network of end-users, who use local marketplaces dedicated to Disturbance-free trading of energy and flexibility through smart contracts, purpose designed to provide disturbance-neutrality:  the extent to which production disturbs the delivery of electricity to interconnected consumers at the point of sale (the meter).  The ability to increase production without relying on grid upgrades, also reducing time and cost for grid connections, and its autonomous operation will accelerate distributed production to at least 50% of all renewable production.  The first experimental Community Grid is planned for 2019 in the Tallaght Smart Grid Test-Bed, which has been part of the project from the very beginning, and more advanced Community Grids are already in the pipeline.

Global Summit and Expo on Power & Energy Engineering – Dubai, UAE
February 18-20, 2019 – The Digital Power Future is Now

Energy Prosumer Communities, Advanced Digital Technology, Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking the vast quantities of latent Grid-Edge flexibility to support and refine distributed production, from diverse and severely intermittent sources (renewables & energy recovery) is the biggest on-going innovation to electricity markets. MPOWER, in Ireland, is the first dedicated Energy Community Utility having developed ‘disturbance-neutral energy communities’.  MORE >>>


SEAI Awards 2018 Winner – Research Smart M Power Co (t/a MPOWER)

October 18th, 2018

MEGA, in collaboration with South Dublin County Council and industry partners such as MPOWER, developed a Living Lab to research solutions that increase the level of electricity production hosted by communities. It is located in South Dublin County, and is known as the Tallaght Community Energy Living Lab.    MORE>>>


By Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

SEAI Energy Awards Research Winner MPOWER 2018

NO REPRO FEE SEAI HONOUR LEADERS IN IRELAND’S CLEAN ENERGY TRANSITION ….26-10-18 Funded by the Government of Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) last night announced the winners of its Sustainable Energy Awards at a gala event which reward excellence in energy management in businesses, communities and public sector organisations. Pic shows Winner of the Research Award (MPower), from Left: Renee Peiron, Julie O’ Neill (Chairperson of SEAI), and Dudley Stewart. Pic. Keith Arkins No Repro Fee For further information or to arrange an interview with any of the award winners, please contact: Aine Roddy, Carr Communications, / 087 777 3688



Limerick secures €6.5M in EU funding to become a smart positive energy city


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