The Team



Dudley Stewart is a chartered power engineer with a hydropower masters from and other qualifications from Elite French Institutes (INPG). Having headed up Caritas and Oxfam Field Operations in Energy-crisis Famine in Bangladesh in the mid-seventies, Dudley returned to Ireland to found one of the first ever serious Renewable Energy Companies and drove the development of modern wind turbine blade design and governing in addition to the first grid-modulated inverter. After a spell as Senior Wind Energy Advisor at Shell HQ, Dudley move to head up the UNICEF Appropriate Technology & Economic Regeneration Unit for East Africa in the mid-eighties. Here he took his first primitive microgrid projects in disaster relief situations.

Returning to Ireland founded the Docklands Innovation Park which thrives to this day. Dudley restarted his microgrid work with the advancement of WiFi and the Internet.

He was a founding member of MEGA and drove its dynamic R & D Programme into its current lead position and is now driving the development of MPOWER and its team.

The Den Equity Group came together to provide the original MPOWER funding along with a twist – a council of advisers on funding, positioning, management and growth. This is a powerful asset of 5 highly revved young internet-age professionals.

The Smart Micro Energy Cluster Technology Group:  Funded and driven by 6 Irish Energy Tech Companies with matching funds from Enterprise Ireland. All work together with MPOWER, SDCC, Siemens, Microsoft and Intel on what is now the Tallaght Smart Grid Test Bed. These include; Enersol (Power Engineering), Crowley Engineering, Sunstream Energy, Endeco-technologies and Turmec Engineering. microsoft endeco tech logo